Sarawak State Election 2016

Telang Usan electoral district N77. Some People Justice Party (PKR) 4WDs are heading into the mountains. This is the best road to go into the region before entering the logging roads that lead to the villages. Some logging roads are not accessible if heavy rain. Therefore even the villages are not far from each other, the time taken to reach each village is very long and dangerous. However, these roads are still not as dangerous as the North-South Expressway in Peninsular Malaysia.

Telang Usan N77选区。一辆辆公正党的四轮驱动正往山里的村庄去。这是一条最好的柏油路进入这个区域了,而进入个别村庄就只能用伐木商开的山路。有些山路甚至雨天里就不能进出乡村。所以就算是村与村之间距离不远,所需的行程时间也至少1-2小时,而且有些危险。不过,这些路还是没有半岛频发车祸的南北大道那么危险。



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