Wake up

City is city and kampung (Malay word for village) is kampung, these two worlds seems to be separated by a milky way. Probably the city is more like a black hole sucking in everything around them, the kampung, the trees, the rivers, and the mountains. We are not afraid of losing everything around the city because we will find a technology to replace everything in kampung. We will build a modern chicken farm, a much more sophisticated vegetable plantation, replace the trees and forests with more plastics and concretes. We can solve these problems, and we can beat nature forces.

When there is no more rooster to crow in the morning and we will replace that sound with our musics. When the city is ‘united’ with the kampung in the whirl of development, we will find no more other problem to care about but only our own living. This is our future.







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  1. ladysighs says:

    I really like the look of your new blog. The theme spreads across the whole screen and gives the feeling of Waking Up/Opening Up to all kinds of possibilities. I am looking forward to reading your ideas and commentary.
    I have lived in a city but retired over twenty years ago to a small town and it is nice to have a bit of nature around me. I don’t hear a rooster crowing in the morning, but as you know I make my own music. 🙂


    1. maodunworld says:

      Thanks for following my new blog =)! I often found that people always think in one way, like either good or bad, and not both together. I hope this new blog can bring a little bit of awareness to people in their daily living, not only politics, but on everything we do. I have many stories to tell about villages in Borneo after my last trip there. Borneo is my home, but now I have lived in the cities for the last 20 years from Kualu Lumpur to Singapore, then to Berlin, to Amsterdam, to London, finally come back again to Singapore. I never forget about the village life, the serenity, the animals, the ‘wild side’ of nature and kids! Kids in city now look at handphone and iPad more than looking at trees and mountains. It’s sad though now when all trees are cut down to build cities, when people like in Singapore if they hear the sound of crow of chicken they will complain to town council. We become very in tolerate to both human and nature. Anyway, I hope to bring you good stories. Sorry for the late reply I am still slowly building up the blog. Thanks!

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