Facebook and the real family and friends

To me, online friendship and real-world friendship are the same. There is a set of social code people needs to follow like in the real life. Most importantly we support, care, and love each other, as a family, or as friends.

This is not the case in the online world. We tend to post everything we like or we do not like, and expecting people to like it anyway the thing you like or dislike. It is fine if someone like our post, but is something totally unimportant to us what is happening around our family and friends, except we must share the celebrity post to make them even more popular like it is our mission in life. A good analogy in a ‘normal’ real life scenario is that we go to visit our friends, to share with them the food we have cooked. On another day, those friends come and revisit us with their home cooked food too. However, the reality in the ‘online’ version scenario is that we visited our friends, and then we never see them coming to visit us again. Instead, we read the news and realize that they all have gone to queue up in front of a celebrity home for a visit. Is not that very funny?

As I have started my photography business, and I do not have money to buy Facebook ‘Sponsored Ads’, so I need to rely on my family and friends on Facebook to help me to promote my business (and my blog). One of my Facebook friends W encouraged me to do so. W said that we are friend, we are supposed to support and to help each other. W is only less than 1% of my Facebook ‘friends’ that are willing to help. W even mobilized her friends and family members to help me. I suddenly realize that I should have put more time on culturing real friendship rather than those who have never ‘come to visit me’.

The famous Chinese writer Lu Xun once said, to waste people’s time is analogous to wasting people’s life. So should we waste our own precious life on people who do not even really care about ‘Facebook friendship’ anymore? Let’s be my real friends (family members), to support, to care, and to love each other, in the online world or in the real world. The world may be changing, but not on some social values, and definitely not on the meaning of love.

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当我开始建立自己的摄影生意时,我没钱去买所谓的脸书的’Sponsored Ads’,所以我必须依赖我的家人亲戚和朋友来帮我宣传我的摄影的网页(和我的部落格)。我的一个脸书上的朋友W鼓励我说,我们是朋友,我们必须支持和帮助彼此。W只是少于百分之一的我的脸书朋友会这样‘真实’的支持自己的朋友。W还动员了自己的家人和朋友帮我宣传和‘Share’。这使我明白了我应该把时间花在培养真正的友情上,不要作无谓的期待那些不会再拜访你的朋友。


祈泉 (Qiquan)




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