Height and Epigenetics: The tale of short Asians and tall Europeans

Is gene alone determined our human height? Why are Europeans in generally taller than Asians. Here I will try to give some reasoning based on other studies, my own analysis, and observations. This article intends to stimulate people of all races and nationalities not to stop asking question about our own bias in viewing any phenomenon around us, especially people with a rational scientific mind.




Finding Singaporean National Identities

There is a Chinese quote: When the water is too clean, the fish cannot survive in it. When we are too critical of everything, we would not manage to find anyone to be our partner (水至清则无鱼,人至察则无徒). Pure, focus, clean etc. are terms to describe somethings positive. Do they really bring positive impacts to our daily living? What is the role of diversity in providing a healthy soil for nurturing talents, and in building a nation?