The Tao of Plastic Society

By K.C. Toh
The following link is a image showing the ‘food’ inside a whale before she died at the beach in Singapore. The skeleton of whale is now on display at theLee Kong Chian Natural History Museum in the National University of Singapore.



《道德经》19章 绝圣弃智

If the government stops to worship the sage and the intelligent one, the people will be benefited tremendously. When the government stop to set a standard for the benevolent and righteous one, the people will be returning to the path of love and being kind. When the government stops to use clever ways and interests to lure or to prevent people to do something or from committing crime, there will be no thief or robber. These are the three important things in theory to rule a country but are not sufficient for Tao. Therefore the government must guide the people to live simple and to avoid being greedy. Most importantly, to see beyond what human knowledge can offer is crucial for us to live peacefully with nature, and therefore  following the Tao.
-Chapter 19, the Book of Tao

(Note: This is a chapter interpreted based on the understanding of K.C. Toh, the author of this blog site. This interpretation is even different from the normal directly translation of the old Chinese text to the modern Chinese text. The author use the word ‘government’ in the explanation as in the original text which has used the people/citizen to illustrate the causal effect. In the past  it was the government that led the change of nation through various policies (or even it is true now as we can see how every country is competing on GDP growth to make their nations richer, and to implant people the belief that we need more in life to be happy))

The reason why I put this verse from the chapter in the Book of Tao is because the human is a species that is most intelligent among all animals on the planet. Yet we do not put our intelligent into good use. We created a vast knowledge that is leading the disaster to all other species on the planet. Even we know and understand the problems, we cannot stop the process of destruction because we have set greed as the primary tone in saving our planet.

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