Be the light of someone

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There is a light of friendship when we look to the direction of the sun. Or may be we could be the light of someone we met along in our journey of life. In this world of many doubts and distrust of people, we can choose to be the boat on a rough sea, or the beacon of the light house. I met Nyoman Zeng, a very special Balinese driver cum guide in my first holiday in Bali in 2014. He is a very cheerful, pleasant and friendly person with in-depth knowledge of almost everything traditional in Bali. He is the person who wants to give the best to his clients, and provide the best possible service but only ask for a small return for his hard work to feed his family. I returned to Bali in Sep 2016, and met Nyoman for the second time. At the end of the four days journey with my family, he told me that he did not want to take my money for his service.

Nyoman wanted to build a website to promote his transport business sometime ago. He has been talking to some of his clients for help, including me. We talked about this for some months on how I could provide my help. He wanted to give me a bigger commission but I decline to chunk out a big piece of profit from him since this is a work of hardship for him. He wanted to give me the money to build a website, and I declined and told him that I would collect the small return on every business he is getting in future to pay for the building of the website. May be it is not much to cover things that I have put in, but I believe there is light in people that we can cherish in this journey of life, even if it is just a glimpse into the land of bliss.

Here is the website I have built for Nyoman, only the business going through this website that I will get a very small commission. Although I am not sure how the website can help his business (which has to work a little bit more on the SEO), but I told Nyoman that people can always bypass the website to give him the business directly, and I will be happy for him as well. May be we cannot help everyone in this life, but sometime we can be the light of a small candle for each other, even is just for a short time.


Kee Chua, 2016.09.20, Singapore
Nyoman Zeng’s photo credited to Franklin Konaraki


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