In Chinese language, ‘mao dun’ 矛盾 means contradiction. Mao Dun is made up of two Chinese language characters to form a noun, or it can be a verb. The first character means spear, and the second one means shield. If someone with the best spear attacks the other one who has the best shield, then we may have ended up with an unresolved fight. Often in life, we use only either the ‘spear’ or the ‘shield’ to think and to do things depending which one is more convenient in achieving our goal(s). By this habit of thought, we relentlessly pursue efficiency, development, and innovation etc. Are these the sole meaning of our living, surviving, and life? Efficiency has brought us more working hours and not the time to enjoy the family time and bonding, development has brought us many destructions rather than the building of Eden on Earth, innovation and creativity have brought us the dependency of human on technology and not about being independence in our thought as well as in our living. Maodun World WordPress wants to convey a message to people that contradictions or ‘mao dun’ are part of our life, and we should breath in a new spirit into our thoughts and living that contradiction is a co-operative force rather than an opposing force.

矛盾处在我们生活的每一个角落,很多时候我们只选择其中的茅或盾去思考或去做一件事。我们很多时候只是为了走捷径去生活,无止尽的去追求效率、发展、创新等等。难道生活生存生命的意义就是这些事吗?效率带来了更忙绿的工作时间而不是更多的去享受家庭的生活,发展带来了更多对自然的破坏而不是建立一个天堂的地球,创新带来了人类生活生存对科技的依赖而不是独立。矛盾世界 WordPress要传达的是让我们把矛盾纳入我们思维和生活的一部分,去接受不是一种对立而是一种合作的精神。